Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is one of the most popular beaches of Thassos. The name comes from the exotic beauty and the forest that surrounds it. It is located in the eastern part of Thassos, 22 km from the port. The nearest village to the beach is Kinira, just 2 km away.

The beach is sandy, it has shallow waters and it often gets windy. The color of the sea is turquoise, reminiscent of tropical places. Paradise is an organized beach with sunbeds. You can also enjoy a delicious meal there and play beach volley. It used to be a nudist beach as it is not visible from the street. Nowadays the nudists stay at the one end of the beach without interfering with the rest of the bathers.

The beach is easily accessible and there are three parking areas. You can park next to the main road or follow the two dirt roads that lead to the two ends of the beach. The pine trees go all the way down to the beach offering their shade to the bathers.