Archaeological Museum of Thassos

The museum is housed in a building dating back to 1934, which was recently expanded. In 2004 the museum reopened its doors to the public after many years of inactivity. The first room is dedicated to Marina Sgouros. Through a photos presentation in this room you will see  the excavation work in Thassos from 1911 to 1981, when French archaeologists discovered the ancient city and the excavations were conducted by the French Archaeological School.

Then there is a presentation of Thassos habitation from prehistoric until the most recent years. The first settlements date back to the Bronze Age (3500-1500 BC) and continued without interruption in subsequent years. Particular importance is given to the presentation of the pottery of the Iron Age (handmade pottery, with grooved and incised decoration), the rock paintings (written, engraved or sculptured representations in cave or rock walls) of anthropomorphic columns which are among the oldest monumental sculptures of prehistoric Europe. Finally there is a representation of the activities of the people of Thassos in the same period (fishing, agriculture, livestock).

Particular importance is given to the burial customs and the presentation of large cemeteries of the later period of the Bronze Age and early Iron Age in the surrounding area of Theologos.

The exhibition with samples of the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods is due to open its doors to the public shortly. The only exhibit presented till then is the impressive “Kouros” of the Archaic period (3.5 meters high), which represents a young naked man holding a ram (600 BC).

Open hours: Daily except Mondays: 08:30-15:00

Tickets: 2 €


64004, Limenas, Thassos