Mount Paggaio

Mount Paggeo is known for its rich natural resources, minerals and rare natural beauty. It is located on the west side of Kavala, on the boundaries of the prefecture of Serres.

The public forest has a total area of 11239.50 hectares and it consists of 5121.80 hectares of beech trees, 1955.92 hectares of beech - oak - chestnut - fir trees and broadleaved deciduous trees and 4161.78 hectares of evergreen broadleaved trees.

A large part of this ecosystem is classified as a wildlife refuge as well as a Historical and Archaeological Site (ΦΕΚ 367/ Issue Β/26-6-81 and ΥΑ Α1/Φ18/31358/1074/18-6-81).

If you visit the villages of Mount Paggeo, you will be fascinated by their traditional architecture. In the area you will also see stone bridges as well as many monasteries and churches. You can take part in various activities, such as hiking in the European path E4, hang gliding, rock climbing, mountain biking etc. In the mountain you will find forest lodges and a ski resort.

If you want to visit the mountain, you should contact the following mountaineering associations:

Greek Mountaineering Association:
Mountaineering & Skiing Club: 2510 327123
Association of Ski and Mountaineering of Kavala: 2510 227727